Anonymous: will you marry me?

Of course, so long as you’re fine with a 50 cent ring from Towson Mall

fx r gai

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somebody dropped some helvetica unknown font on this shit


I saw the familiar smashed bathroom fixtures, and I was very thankful for the vic’s vaporub, but the stench stung my eyes still. There was a bathtub covered in newspapers. I proded it with my wrench and the newspapers gave way, like they were on top of jello or something soft and organic. I prodded it harder and what I can only describe as fecal fluid seeped from the sides of the newspaper. I think he was taking shits in the bathtub and covering it with newspapers, like some kind of foul lasagna. The leak was coming from under his sink, which he had dislodged through some violence. I could see the remains of a cinderblock on the pipe, so I think he might have been hitting the pipe with a cinderblock. I turned off the water to the sink, stopping the leak, and decided that it would be best if I left before he returned.

savory is the flavor of grilled chicken, cooked mushrooms, beef stew, chicken pot pie, bacon, a hamburger patty, hot buttered toast, Pringles, eggs and chorizo, sausage with peppers and onions, curly fries, roast beef, grilled cheese, stuffed peppers, boeuf bourguignon, a half roast chicken with rice, salmon broiled with capers and lemon butter, stufed pork chops, veal cutlets, ratatouille, falafel with plenty of white sauce and red sauce, hush puppies, every chinese food ever, beef satay, garlic mashed potatoes…